Critical Thinker For Your Business

When it’s business critical, you need critical thinking.

When you need to solve the problem, set the strategy, reinvent the process, win the client, develop the team or grow the business…you need critical thinking.

Claire uses critical thinking to get under the surface of the business critical: a new perspective, grounded in purpose and potential, will generate new possibilities and lead to progress.

Whether it’s devising marketing campaigns, defining business vision, advising on culture or improving operations; Claire’s consultant role is to figure **it out. She’ll ask tough questions, pick apart details, identify pain points, clarify nuance, explore options and challenge the status quo. Claire is a committed sparring partner with a priority to develop people and ideas. 

Figuring **it out.

The business critical:

  • Vision and mission
  • Values and culture
  • Communications
  • 360 marketing 
  • Team development
  • Project management
  • Operational structure
  • Long-term planning

The critical thinking: 


Challenge, introduce, reframe


Clarify, explain, embed


Evaluate, analyse, identify


Explore, imagine, innovate


Plan, create, improve

Do you need a critical thinker?

The critical thinker.

Claire has over two decades of expertise. From music publicity, she moved to marketing agencies to direct culture-focussed campaigns, before leading Communications and Culture Marketing at Red Bull. 

Claire's CV includes conception and delivery of large-scale culture initiatives, leading cross-functional business priorities, developing high-performing teams, advising start-ups on product and brand definition, guiding agencies on account management, creating internal culture policy, coaching leaders on organisational change, crisis management and more. 

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